History and process


San Pedro Factory Cultural Center:

Although it is a state infinitely rich in folk art, traditional Mexican cuisine, and indigenous design with deep roots, Michoacán has been “isolated” by diverse social circumstances. As a result, since 2017 the Javier Marín Foundation set out to create a Cultural Center in the emblematic San Pedro Yarn and Textile Factory on the banks of the Cupatitzio River in Uruapan. The lines of work in this new space of knowledge and creativity will be art, design, and food culture.
At the Foundation our goal is for the San Pedro Factory Cultural Center (CCFSP) to be a space that incentivizes research, creation, production, registration, and promotion of the objects made by artists and artisans; and where an innovative program featuring exhibitions, workshops, public programs, and residences is promoted, incentivizing collaboration and interaction with the local community.

We’re open!

Last April 7 we celebrated the inauguration of an unparalleled exhibition: Starting Point: Fashions, Wefts, and Textiles in conjunction with the opening of the first part of the facilities of the San Pedro Factory Cultural Center during the celebrations of Palm Sunday in Uruapan, Michoacán, 2022.
The exhibition Starting Point: Fashions, Wefts, and Textiles revisits, celebrates, and projects the textile past, present, and future of Uruapan, now marked by this new Cultural Center. Curated by design expert Ana Elena Mallet, the exhibition seeks to set this new cultural center in motion, taking the history of the city of Uruapan, which is intimately linked to textiles, as a reference point. It also marks a new stage now that the San Pedro Factory is relinquishing its industrial calling to become a cultural and creative space that will promote reflection and artistic production in all its branches and veins. The display will be open to the public until August 21, 2022, from Thursday to Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm; admission is free.
The new exhibition Action: Making and Dressing of fashion designer Carla Fernández will be opened to the public on October 14, 2022 and will offer special workshops for children and young people.
Parallel to the temporary exhibitions, we offer a training and production program created by and with the foremost experts in the country, which can be consulted here: https://fabricadesanpedro.com/formacion-produccion/ In addition, get to know the new shop and soda fountain La Colmena on the ground floor of the main building. La Colmena is a design space in the San Pedro Factory Cultural Center that presents a selection of design, folk art, and art objects. The commercialization of these products is aimed at financing the ongoing creativity and operation of the San Pedro Factory Cultural Center.
Spaces habilitated for public access (opening: April 2022):
•Temporary Exhibitions Gallery (Main Building, upper floor)
•Shop and soda fountain La Colmena (Main Building, ground floor)
•Textile Laboratory with treadle looms (Main Building, ground floor)
•Rooms for training workshops (Cotton warehouses, bays 7, 8, and 9)
Spaces under construction (scheduled opening in 2023–24)
•An industrial archaeology gallery with the original nineteenth-century machinery (Main Building, ground floor)
•Shell and core construction for the workshop-residences with spaces for training and production of art, design, and food culture projects (bays 1 to 6, upper floor)
•Outdoor spaces (entrances, ramps, and main plaza)
Antecedents: Construction work (2020–2022)
From 2020 to 2022, architect Mauricio Rocha and his Taller de Arquitectura have been working on the design for the readaptation of the former San Pedro Yarn and Textile Factory.
The architectural design has taken into consideration the pre-existenting aesthetic value of this industrial property from the late nineteenth century, respecting the functional and historical integrity of the site from an ethics of sustainable contemporary conservation.
In April 2022 the Javier Marín Foundation showed the public the advances made in these construction works carried out together with architects and specialists from Uruapan (Jamit Arquitectos and Grupo DAVLO), under the supervision of the Centro INAH Michoacán and local authorities.
In 2022–23, plans are to continue work on the exterior areas (walkways, entry ramps, plazas, reinforcement of surrounding walls) and on the shell and core construction of the Workshop-Residences Building.
Antecedents: Initial Program (2017–2020)
From 2017 to 2020, an important part of the Foundation’s work has been aimed at the creation of a cultural center in the former San Pedro Yarn and Textile Factory in Uruapan, Michoacán. For this, the Foundation together with the gallery Terreno Baldío Arte and professionals from the art and cultural milieu coordinated an initial program that included renovation work for the adaptation of a spacious exhibition space, a shop with products related to the scheduled exhibition, a photographic record of the renovation process of the space, and research on the history of textile production in Uruapan.
A program of art exhibitions, workshops, and activities aimed at all sectors of the public was carried out and led to more than 36 thousand visitors.
Approximately 40 percent of this public is composed of children and young people.
As a result of this work, on September 30, 2020, the Javier Marín Foundation signed a usufruct contract with the City Council of Uruapan, Michoacán, for the creation and operation of the “San Pedro Factory Cultural Center” on this municipal property.