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We have developed a series of packages that might appeal to you so that you too can help make this space a reality for the good of the community, with benefits for you, your family and loved ones, and your business.
The enthusiasm and financial support of the community is fundamental to enable this Cultural Center to open its doors to the public soon: Join us!

Education Program

Pursuing a new path to creation and its communities

The CCFSP substantive program is aimed at the pursuit of new paths and possibilities of excellence for reflection, experimentation, and production in design, folk art, gastronomy, and contemporary art in an ongoing and collaborative dialogue with communities in Michoacán, Mexico, and the world.
We believe in the possibilities of imagination and creation in building models that improve the quality of life of the people and their surroundings, and that establish conditions for a peaceful, just, equitable, plural, inclusive, thinking, and proactive society. We set out to be the leading model of design, gastronomy, creation, critical thinking, and community dialogue in Mexico.
One of the strategies that we have proposed to activate the design-art-community is the organization of temporary residences of outstanding, innovative creators who seek to open channels of dialogue between the rich legacy contained in the memory and tangible and/or symbolic patrimony of creation in Michoacán, and the most cutting-edge and disruptive contemporary approaches to art in Mexico and the world in the quest for the construction of knowledge and creation of the highest caliber.
Through these residences, the Center will support research, production, and circulation of artwork, cuisine, and design, as well as a program for exhibitions, courses, workshops, certificate courses, encounters, round tables, innovative and accessible cultural experiences for creators and the public in general. This vision prioritizes the exchange of knowledge and the construction of supportive and resilient networks that focus on communities in Michoacán.
We want this new repurposing of the former factory, in the framework of community, creativity, and hope, to build a more solid social fabric and a new narrative where the experience is enjoyable and beneficial for everyone.

With your support we will be able to give scholarships to interested candidates otherwise unable to pay for their studies.

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Outfitting the Space to Make It Operative

One of the substantive activities of the San Pedro Factory Cultural Center is the program of temporary residences of creators, aimed at sparking collaborative dialogue between the bearers of the legacy and creative patrimony in Michoacán with contemporary approaches to the subject.
For this purpose, the plan envisions the organization of 12 workshop-residences aimed at hosting chefs, cooks, designers, artisans, and artists from Mexico and abroad.
Through these residences, the Cultural Center will generate processes of production and circulation of art and design, a program of research, exhibitions, courses, workshops, certificate courses, encounters, roundtables, and innovative cultural experiences accessible to creators, specific communities, and the public in general.
We have requested artisans from nearby and other regions, as well as preeminent Mexican and foreign designers to produce special furnishings for the rooms, integrating them into the language and characteristics of the restoration of the building, its history, and the needs of the new project.


Together with studies conducted to preserve this valuable patrimony composed of various buildings, it is necessary to conduct long-term, meticulous restoration work that, in addition to respecting the architectural integrity of the site, safeguards as much of the historical fabric of these important elements as possible.
In this phase of work, we have divided efforts to ensure the preservation and adaptation of two of the buildings:
– The former main building for spinning thread, now the temporary exhibitions gallery and site museum.
– The former cotton warehouse, now workshop-residences for collaborative projects.
The architectural fabric of the former main building for spinning yarn is clearly one of the major attractions of the San Pedro Factory. The exterior of this building is captivating, not only for its impressive, tall, stone walls, but also for the beauty of its details. The wood structure, which constitutes a forest of columns in its interior, activates the senses of visitors. In this main building the spacious temporary exhibitions gallery occupies the upper floor and the site museum, the ground floor, to be enjoyed by all visitors.
In the framework of the renovation and architectural adaptation of the former building of the cotton warehouse to convert it into a new structure that will house the “Workshop-Residences Program for Collaborative Practices,” architect Mauricio Rocha has proposed the clear appreciation of the original architectural complex with contemporary intervention.

Be part of the history of this building that will be an emblem, your name will be engraved on a plaque on the architectural element that you sponsor. Become a patron.

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